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When Icarus touched the Sun

Appeared in at least 3 newspapers today, there is word from the Euroscience Open Forum 2008 that the EU is currently considering the prospect of feeding electricity to Europe from a Solar Plant which would be based at the Sahara desert. Apparently only the 0.3% of the sunlight in the zone would be able to power the whole Europe.

Now of course there are constraints like the construction of a pan-european grid which would be able to distribute all that power, which will take time, and money , yadda yadda yadda. And we should of course avoid all ethical thoughts on how Europe feeds on a country it has draconian inmigration rules with. All in all, it seems to be supported by London & Paris and a tentative deadline would be around 2050, should the project ever see the light & required approval.

Water cars anyone ? ;-)

Summer Mini Laptops

a laptop for €300 ?

Here you have two:

Pretty nice stuff if you ask me!

Research on P2P TV in Europe

I just finished reading a nice article featured on Ars Technica on a next-gen P2P project having recently received important funding from the EU.

It seems that they are trying to make the technology work even despite the upload limitations present in most countries in Europe.

The project’s website can be accessed here and you might as well want to contribute to their success as they are currently looking for “a few thousand volunteers to hammer on the software in order to produce enough test data for the team to use as it continues to refine the code”.

Rock 'n' Roll with a 10 year old Pentium and windows XP

Yep. A 10 year old computer can still rock and roll... sort of.
On the screenshot below you can appreciate a rather functional XP installation, consuming... a stunningly moderate 47 MB of RAM after startup. Make my day.

Throw in the following, and you will have a fully functional computer for your basic household activities:

The computer shows its limitations (i.e. the CPU can easily go to 100% usage), but the interface is always snappy and the computer can be worked with without much effort or patience: the overall experience is one of usability.

Now if only I could find a true lightweight Antivirus Software the joy would be complete. Any ideas ?


When XP is 90% lighter than Vista

Sorry, I could not help it: according to this article at OSNews, a non-official streamlined & updated distribution of Windows XP boots with 50 MB of RAM consumed.
Compare that to the whopping 550 MB needed to boot Vista and you will wonder why oh why oh why oh why...

This being said, if you are really in the need to regain your computer and you just can't throw back Vista because of drivers' availability, hardware compatibility, whatever, you could try seamlessly installing the latest version of Ubuntu on your machine with the help of Wubi.
I just did that recently, and as a result, my computer boots now with a min of 300 MB RAM consumed (out of 1 GB). The system runs snappy (even though it should be slower than a plain vanilla Ubuntu installation, i.e. with a dedicated partition on your disk) and I can do true multitasking again!
Just browsing the internet while listening to some music is again a relaxing experience (my computer just went nuts writing this post on Vista and with 4 everyday applications open).
Also, I'm rather pleased with the polished look of the latest Ubuntu version, and I can still go back to Vista with no effort (just reboot), whenever I really have to.

Food for Thought


Here are a couple of links to keep ur grey cells occupied while -choose your favorite here- it's too hot out there, you lay down on your coach before the siesta or... simply just because:

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